About Missouri Wind and Solar

Missouri Wind and Solar, LLC, specializes in the assembly, distribution, and sale of various off-grid power systems and alternative energy sources. As a leading Midwestern supplier of DIY wind turbines, solar panel parts, and various assembly kits and components, Missouri Wind and Solar targets industrious do-it-yourselfers. To help customers install a DIY wind turbine kit or solar energy system, Missouri Wind and Solar offers a host of instructional DVDs, how-to videos, and online technical diagrams. With a knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service, Missouri Wind and Solar also makes it easy to upgrade, modify, or repair an existing setup. In addition to a variety of small and mirco wind turbines and solar panels, Missouri Wind and Solar also offers energy-efficient appliances, inverters, batteries, generators, charge controllers, and voltage and amperage meters.

With several wholesale and retail sales options available, Missouri Wind and Solar also lists small businesses and public institutions among its clientele. Missouri Wind and Solar recently partnered with VM Services to assist with a project called “Light Up Go Gang,” a charitable endeavor aimed at supplying a small Vietnamese village with power. In this way, Missouri Wind and Solar was able to help provide a renewable energy source to the village’s elementary school. Missouri Wind and Solar also helped power a Jamaican orphanage and presently supplies customers from countries across the globe, including Greece, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. With a rapidly growing list of clients, Missouri Wind and Solar plans to expand its 5,000-square-foot assembly and distribution plant next year.


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